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Famous American Trials: John Peter Zenger (1735)

Find A Grave: Andrew Hamilton

Philadelphia Reflections: Andrew Hamilton (1676-1741)



William Allen (loyalist) – Andrew Hamilton’s son-in-law

Benjamin Chew – Andrew Hamilton’s pupil; inherited his Penn family clients

Family of William Allen (loyalist) – Andrew Hamilton’s grandchildren through his daughter Margaret

Charles Gookin – Deputy Governor of colonial Pennsylvania

Independence Hall – The Philadelphia state house

Andrew Hamilton (lawyer) – Philadelphia Lawyer

James Hamilton (Pennsylvania) – Andrew Hamilton’s first son

Thomas Lawrence (mayor) – Associate of Hamilton’s in creation of State House

John Penn (“the American”) – William Penn’s son; proprietor of colonial Pennsylvania 

Richard Penn, Sr. – William Penn’s son; Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

Thomas Penn – William Penn’s son; proprietor of colonial Pennsylvania

William Penn – Quaker Founder of Pennsylvania; planned and developed Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Gazette – Benjamin Franklin wrote Hamilton’s eulogy

William Till – Mayor of Philadelphia